Student/Educator of the Month: May


Bobkat Award of Excellence-

This month I have chosen Blakely Pilat for the Bobkat Award of Excellence! I asked Mrs. Morrison to share a few words about Blakely and this is what she said- Blakely has a positive attitude towards everyone and everything.  She will befriend anyone and help where she can.  Her patience and leadership are especially evident on the playground when she is “coaching” any and all who want to walk over and learn to tumble, flip, or handspring.  Her enthusiasm is seen in the classroom as well.  Writing essays has become a favorite activity of hers and helping others write theirs is pure enjoyment.  She is a true upstander when it comes to watching out for the welfare of others.

My personal experiences and interactions with Blakely are always positive.  She is an outstanding student, who demonstrates leadership skills and always has a smile on her face.  She is full of positive energy and is always willing to help other students. 

I could not think of anyone more deserving of this award! So, Congratulations Blakely!


Bobkat Award of Excellence- 

The staff Bobkat Award of Excellence goes to a very hardworking and dedicated employee to Moulton Elementary- Mrs. Michelle Ramos! Michelle has been the best secretary I could ask for and always goes above and beyond with her job duties.  There are many jobs/duties that Michelle is responsible for including: answering phones, scheduling subs, ordering supplies, calling parents, and a million other secretarial duties, but her most challenging job of  all is keeping me in line and making sure I am where I’m supposed to be and letting me know when and how do get things done! I could not have survived my first year as a principal in Moulton without her help. I am sad to say that Michelle will not be my secretary next year, but I am excited for her to be moving into a 4th grade teaching position! I am so proud of Michelle, and we are so excited for her new journey.  Michelle, I just want to personally thank you for everything you’ve done for me this year, and I am so grateful for our work relationship and friendship that has developed over the last year.


High School:

We are so proud of our high school Katz and Kittens Award of Excellence winners for May! These coaches and students earned their tickets to a state campetition in golf or academics, and we wish them all the best of luck!
Pictured: (front) Austin Obregon, Coach Heather Olivarez, Karsyn Blahuta, Addison Simper, Moises Manzano, Cindy Tortoledo, Angelica Manzano, Leslie Juarez, Coach Jamie Dornak, (back) Coach Steven Blahuta, Kaddin Tesch, Coach Randy Stevenson, Trenton Meisetschleager, Oscar Lugo, Jaxon Bartos, Brandon Colchado, and Travis Haikenwaelder. Not pictured: Torin Langston and Julianna Buehring