Student Code of Conduct 2022-23
Please read the Student Code of Conduct attached below and contract Central Office with any questions you might have.
Student Handbooks for 2022-23
PreK Family Engagement Plan 2020-21
 Community Relations
Click on the link to access and print the form. Non School Facility Use Form Verification of Enrollment Form Donation Form Request for Public Information . . . read more

"National Plan to Prevent the Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children" read more

Parental Involvement Connection
The Parental Involvement Connection is a Title I Statewide initiative that is posted on the Region 16 web site four times a year for parents and educators of Texas. We are providing the attachments on our MISD . . . read more
Safety Source
National Fire Protection Association Public Education Newsletter read more
School Health Advisory Committee

School Health Advisory Committee The SHAC / Wellness Committee met 4 times during the school year, to promote health and safety for our students and school. . . . read more

Title I and Parent Involvement
Title I has specific parent involvement requirements for schools that receive funding. Here is a quick review of what is required. Parent involvement at your school means the participation of parents in a meaningful and ongoing, . . . read more
Title I and Title III Funding Provisions for Parent Engagement
According to the U.S. Department of Education, Spanish-speakers are by far the largest segment of the ELL population. Title I and Title III funds can help you to improve Parent Engagement and to improve English skills with the ELL population . . . read more